Example Haibun

I have included these four Haibun to show the layout. One from each of the four horsemen (okay – Two Horsemen, a Pachyderm and an Excellent Queen, Awesome Ruler of the World)  who helped launch this challenge. You do not have to use the terminology used here, these are just examples of how each was written and how they look.

Have fun, and we look forward to reading your posts.

Enkindle by Anja Partin

My eyes turn from your gaze and I know it is to hide my shame. Please do not look too close, for you will see what truly resides in my heart. A fevered glow of embers burn deep inside me and no amount of tears will extinguish them. You reach for my hand and I pull back my scorched fingers. Your loving touch pains me for I have painted with fire and those scars still remain.

You lay your hand upon my branded heart that forever carries the pain I caused you. You lean in close as your lips brush against my ear and whisper words wrapped in soft absolution. Regretful tears pull down my face and I collapse into your arms as I am consumed by the memories. I utter sorry but it floats away as if not enough for all I have done.

forgiveness ignites
scarred heart raw but still beating
love mollifies hurt


A Quiet Town by AnElephantCant

The fountain under the lights reflects the blue, white and red of the French Tricolour.
Children circle on their bikes.
One is very young, a beginner, with Papa puffing behind, holding the saddle.
It is late December, but the weather is very mild, even at 6 pm.
The little town is quiet, some might say dead, but he loves the tranquility.
He smiles at the family activity, the laughing youngsters, the patient parents.
Otis Redding sings to him about the pain in his heart.
He is vaguely aware that his hand is wafting pointlessly to the sound of the brass backing, as he gnaws unthinkingly on his baguette.
He thinks of a woman, far away, and wonders if she will visit him soon.
He is unperturbed.
The pace of life here suits him, relaxes him, frees his mind to write constantly.
He can wait.

simple pleasures
patiently enjoyed
bring a life of peace


Haibun Haiku – The Goat’s Whinge by SummersTommy2

What the hell are you looking at?

You think I like this?

I’m stuck. Bloody horns are locked on the wrong side of the fence.

So much for the grass being greener.

These horns may look impressive but they’re a pain.

Mum would say: Ralph when you’re a big goat they’ll be so impressive,

The nannys will flock around you.

Like in a pig’s arse .

They always getting in the way, you turn around too quick, look up and there’s someone impaled on the end of one.

My dad used to say size is important son.

And he was a size my dad but that was out on the plains, lots of space you know what I’m saying.

Here it’s the same old, day in day out,

Right now I bet you think I’m bored right

Bloody oath.

Though they are big pair of….. aren’t they.


look me in the eye

my face will mess with your head

majestic eyes


Memories by Al

The snow fell as tiny flakes. Each unique, each telling a story of its own, each with its own arms attempting to grab hold of the one falling by its side. I grabbed the cardboard box and I ran to catch up with my friends. To our small legs, it seemed a long way to walk or run, but with the snow, we knew the walk ended in joy and fun.

Running up the road always hurt the chest. Always made the legs ache. Always made the eyes water as the road led up a steep incline. At the top, the road led down and through a tunnel. We ran screaming through, shrieking, and our sounds reverberating off four walls.

Emerging from the tunnel and the hardest part of the journey now lay ahead of us in the form of a steep hill. Running from side to side, making our way up so we did not use all of our strength in one go, but each wanting to be the first.

The top of the hill felt like a playground to us, with the cardboard being our swings, the breadbaskets our seesaws. The far side beckoned us children. The youngest – eight years old, the eldest – thirteen. Then the yelling as we ran and leapt onto our chosen sleds, hurtling down the side of the hill faster than we had ever travelled before.

children in winter
speeding down hills in the snow
then climbing to repeat 



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