New Year Continuation

As it was Christmas and New Year, and only two people created Haibun, I am extended this week’s challenge from last week and go on to January 6th 2015 with it.

So the Freestyle is this weeks. The actual post for it is here:

Haibun Thinking December 23rd 2014 to January 6th 2015




  1. On my way home… might be able to catch up just a tad this week as
    I don’t have to ‘go back to work’ for a few days.

    Happy Daze to you and yours. It has been a great week in the warmth of the sun.
    Will be returning to 28 F or -2 c brrr…

    Cheers all!

  2. Just noticed there isn’t a linky thing. But then you do have a link to last weeks where I did put the same piece in the link there… Oy.

    Be well and thanks for everything Al!

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